Sparking Conversations and Inspiration at TEDxHyderabad

TEDx Hyderabad

TEDx is a program that supports independent organizers to spark conversation and connection through local TED-like events. These events feature a screening of TED Talks videos and live presenters.

Unlike a normal talk, the speaker’s aim is to inspire people with ideas worth spreading. TEDx talks are a great way to test your ideas in front of a large audience.

TEDxHyderabad is a community of thinkers

TED is an organization that is focused on “ideas worth spreading”. Their mission is to inspire and engage communities through ideas in the fields of technology, entertainment, design, science, global issues, and more. TED events are local, independently organized gatherings where live TED Talks video and speakers combine to spark deep discussion and connection in a small group.

Using a media kit can help you stand out as an exceptional speaker and get noticed by organizers at TEDx events. Having one shows that you’re serious about your work and you care about making an impact.

The Samaaro solution facilitated registration monitoring on a coupon-by-coupon basis and improved reporting and analytics capabilities. Additionally, the registration form integration on a client’s native website via an iFrame enhanced event experience and convenience for attendees. In addition, the system incorporated Indian payment methods that were familiar with local audiences. This further streamlined ticket purchases. Lastly, the ability to integrate a customizable event schedule on a website enhanced attendee organization and planning abilities.

TEDxHyderabad is a community of doers

TED is a non-profit organization that spreads ideas in the form of short powerful talks. These ideas can help people think differently and change the world. TED’s global community of speakers come from every discipline and culture, but they are united in their desire to understand the world around them.

Organizing an event like TED requires careful planning and attention to detail. Organizers should understand TED’s format and attend other TED events to get a better understanding of what it takes to be successful. They should also network with other TEDx organizers to learn best practices.

One of the most important challenges for TEDx Hyderabad was tracking ticket purchases. Samaaro’s comprehensive ticketing system streamlined registration, incorporated Indian payment options, and reduced expenses for a seamless user experience. Moreover, the incorporation of coupons allowed attendees to purchase tickets at a discounted rate. In addition, Samaaro facilitated registration form integration with the event’s native website using an iFrame, facilitating a unified user experience.

TEDxHyderabad is a community of learners

The TED program is an international nonprofit organization devoted to spreading ideas, usually in the form of short, powerful talks (18 minutes or less). TED conferences are held every year and have grown to become global events, while independently run TEDx events spark conversation and connection at the local level.

The theme for this year’s TEDxHyderabad event is “Behind the Scenes,” encouraging speakers to share their field’s unseen, hidden or unknown aspects. It also promotes transparency and an understanding of the challenges and failures that go into creating something extraordinary.

The TEDEd club of Choithram School Indore is a group of students led by their teacher facilitator Ms. Raminder Mac. Students explored a variety of topics and brainstormed ideas for their big talk. They also watched a TEDTalk by India Hawkins, who talked about her journey from chemically treated to natural hair. This inspired them to share their own stories of personal change with others.

TEDxHyderabad is a community of enthusiasts

In the spirit of TED’s mission, “ideas worth spreading,” TEDx is a program of local, self-organized events that bring people together to spark conversation and connection through a combination of live presenters and TED Talks videos. TEDx events are planned and coordinated independently, under a free license granted by TED.

This year, TEDxHyderabad curated a remarkable event that sparked conversation and inspiration through an impressive lineup of speakers. Taking the theme “Rising,” the speakers enlightened attendees with their stories of kindness, humanity, innovation, and resilience in the face of adversity.

However, TEDxHyderabad faced numerous obstacles, including a complicated ticketing process and exorbitant payment gateway charges. To overcome these hurdles, TEDxHyderabad used Samaaro’s ticketing system to streamline registration monitoring, incorporate Indian payment systems, and reduce costs. The platform’s versatile coupon codes and discounts also optimized registration numbers and boosted attendee engagement. Ultimately, these features enabled TEDxHyderabad to build a robust community of event enthusiasts. The resulting event was a resounding success.

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