TED Talk Questioning Techniques for Contact Centre Advisors

TED Talk Questions For Contact Centre Advisors

TED talks are a valuable way to spread information about important topics. But they can be difficult to prepare for.

This article will share a list of TED talk questions that can help you prepare for your next presentation. These questions will help you focus your research and ensure that your audience understands what you’re saying.

1. Could you please describe your problem in more detail?

This TED question encourages the customer to clarify their own expectations and helps the advisor get to grips with their query. It also enables them to uncover any recurring issues that the customer may have.

Use this TED talk response worksheet to facilitate discussion in your classroom after watching a TED Talk Video. It will help students become hunters, gatherers and presenters of new information.

2. Could you please describe your problem in more detail?

This is a great question for contact centre advisors to use to gain critical insights from customers. It is often used as a probing question following an open question.

If you stick to an Outcome topic without exploring beliefs around it, you will end up sounding the same as everyone else. This will also limit the impact of your message. This is a common problem with relative newbies to a field.

3. Could you please describe your problem in more detail?

For many customers, describing the problem in detail can be difficult. This TED question can help them to clarify the details of their issue and help the advisor to understand their requirements.

This question is useful for contact centre advisors, especially when they are dealing with complex problems that require a detailed explanation. This will enable the advisor to understand the customer’s issue and offer a solution that fits their needs.

4. Could you please describe your problem in more detail?

Often, customers skip over important details in their description of an issue. Asking this question enables advisors to uncover these critical details, and ultimately provide a solution to the problem.

Using this question can feel a little intimidating to some customers, but it is an effective tool for contact centre advisors who need to probe for more information. Try to use this technique with empathetic, positive language and a warm tone of voice.

5. Could you please describe your problem in more detail?

Oftentimes, customers skip over critical details when explaining their issue. Using a TED question, advisors can probe further and uncover clues that help resolve the problem.

Be careful with this one, however, as it could sound accusatory. Also, if a customer has already attempted to solve the problem themselves, this question may be perceived as offensive. Use in conjunction with other probing questions.

6. Could you please describe your problem in more detail?

Sometimes a customer may be so eager to get to the root cause of their problem that they skip over crucial details. By asking this question, an advisor can elicit vital information that will help them solve the issue.

Be careful using this question, as it can sound accusatory. Try to use it with patience and a positive tone of voice.

7. Could you please describe your problem in more detail?

Often used as probing questions within The Funnel Technique, TED questions enable contact centre advisors to unlock critical clues. This helps to ensure that the customer issue is understood and resolved correctly.

The best TED talks are ones that share a unique perspective or personal experience. They also demonstrate outstanding eloquence and persuasive skills. This talk is no exception! The speaker, Marcus Gentry, is an acclaimed author and speaker.

8. Could you please describe your problem in more detail?

When a customer shares their problem, sometimes they skip over crucial details. Using a question like this allows an advisor to probe further, thereby providing critical insights.

It also helps them rationalize their expectations. This is an important step to a positive resolution. It also helps to uncover previous solutions, which may help the customer avoid repeating their problem. This can save time and energy.

9. Could you please describe your problem in more detail?

This question enables the advisor to gain further insight into the customer’s problem. It can also uncover if the problem is a recurring one and lead to a resolution. These questions are often used as probing questions within the Funnel Technique.

Use this worksheet with your students to facilitate discussion after watching a TED Talk video. You can also download the follow-up worksheet, Deconstructing a TED Talk.

10. Could you please describe your problem in more detail?

A TED question prefixed with the word “could” enables contact centre advisors to probe customers. Such questions can unlock clues and help resolve customer issues quickly.

To avoid sounding like everyone else on a particular Outcome, try to come up with a new way to approach it. This is especially important if you have only recently joined a field. It is harder to gain traction with a generic topic.

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