The Power of Nutrition and Exercise in Diabetes Treatment

TEDxPurdue University and Diabetes

TEDx Purdue U: Diabetes

TEDx Purdue University speaker Sarah Hallberg argued that low-carb diets aren’t just for weight loss. She believes they can reverse Type 2 diabetes, a disease that affects about 10 percent of adults in the US. The former exercise physiologist presented her ideas in a video that has now been viewed more than 325,600 times online. Since her death last year, her family has created a legacy project to continue her work. It includes setting up a lecture course and podcast on T2D reversal.

TEDx Purdue U: Nutrition

In this TEDxPurdueU presentation, clinician Dr Sarah Hallberg starts a compelling conversation around diabetes and insulin resistance. She argues that nutritional change can wind back the symptoms of diabetes to a point where drug management is no longer necessary. Obviously this is not a cure but it is sensible medicine and could make a huge difference to those who struggle with the condition.

She also introduces the Nutrition and Exercise Clinical Research Center, which will offer public access to services including interview and health motivation resources for adults; metabolic research kitchen and ingestive behavior assessment area; and bone, muscle and body composition assessments. The facility will be led by Prof Wayne Campbell in the Department of Nutrition Science. The department currently has three distinguished professors and four university scholars, as well as offering a didactic program in dietetics, coordinated program in dieetics, food and nutrition in business and nutrition fitness and health.

TEDx Purdue U: Exercise

WEST LAFAYETTE — TEDxPurdueU, Purdue University’s independently organized manifestation of the TED (Technology, Entertainment and Design) conference movement devoted to spreading ideas “worth spreading,” has unveiled its first lineup. Speakers will share their stories of impulsive, unplanned or accidental events and actions that have impacted them. TED is a global network of conferences that bring together innovators, leaders and thinkers from around the world to discuss topics including science, technology and business. The talks are then shared online in more than 100 languages.

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